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"A New Adventure of Captain Future" hypothetical soundtrack

Un'ipotetica colonna sonora capitolo per capitolo della space opera "A New Adventure of Captain Future".

An hypothetical soundtrack chapter by chapter for the space opera "A New Adventure of Captain Future".

1_Logan's Run Theme, from "Logan's Run" by Jerry Goldsmith

2_Theme from "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century"by Daniel Caine Orchestra

3_"The Day the Earth Stood Still" by Bernard Herrmann

4_"Predator" Main Title by Alan Silvestri

5_Dr. Floyd/The Leonov from "2010 The Year We Make Contact" by David Shire

6_"The Andromeda Strain" Main Title by Gil Mellé

7_Nella grotta del Re della montagna by Armando Sciascia

8_Mars, the Bringer of War by Gustav Holst (19'40'' version)

9_"Captain Future" original soundtrack by Ohno Yuji

10_ "Stingray" by Barry Gray (Calibro35 & Serena Altavilla version)

11_ Atom Heart Mother part.1 by Pink Floyd

12_"The Last Starfighter" Main Title by Craig Safan

13_"Alien" Main Title by Jerry Goldsmith

14_ "Sea of Simulation", from Tron by Wendy Carlos

15_"Space 1999" by Barry Gray

16_ Song of Jupiter by Leroy Anderson

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